I'm Cassy. Your photographer. 


It's a wild idea to try and make it as a photographer in the Bay Area when you have a software engineering background.


But, what can I say, I'm a wild woman. 


Really I just want to show my kids that you can do what you love.


Pitaya is the official name of the dragon fruit.

When I started my biz, I didn't want to use Cassandra Jens Photography because I wasn't sure it was memorable. 

My eyes, heart and mind were on the lookout for a biz name when I had a fun experience showing my kids the fruit. 

The moment was symbolic of the simple, everyday moments I think are important to remember.

And the fruit represents the type of natural, organic beauty that I see in life.


Things I Wrote.

Me. By Others.

Here are some shots from work with other friends and photographers.