Hi. I'm Cass!

I was born and raised in the Wisconsin.

My parents are both the sweetest people with entrepreneurial spirits. They separated when I was three. That's shaped the appreciation I have for family, however it looks.

My maternal grandparents lived on the shore of Lake Nebagamon. I spent summers and winters swimming and fishing and playing with the neighbor kids.

My paternal grandparents ran a beautiful family dairy farmer in Waldo, WI. I have memories of witnessing the birth of a calf, playing in the hay bales with my cousins, and hand milking cows.

My partner and I moved from Wisconsin to San Francisco in 2014 for work, and two years later were married and welcomed our first baby into our one bedroom apartment in the Haight.

We now have three kids, and we've made our home in an A-frame treehouse in San Anselmo where we've lived for 3 years.

I started Pitaya Photography back in 2019, and worked with families all over the Bay Area full-time until the plot-twist pandemic. I took a step back for a year or two and grew, as a person, what feels like 10 years. Now, I offer sessions on the weekends and some Friday evenings. During the week, I tend to the house and my kids who homeschool through a local charter.

My passion is connection. Drawn to the photos where people are sharing a candid moment, no matter the size. I'm moved by how important human relationships are to us. People are everything.



PS I recently switched websites and didn't realize I'd loose a lot of my previous session blog posts. If you'd like to see work from years past, you can check out Instagram. But I feel the photographs you see on here are more in line with my heart right now. Less performative, more sincere. More about you. 💞

People are everything.

I'm in this business because I love making connections, and photography is a big part of how I share the way I feel. If you feel inspired to connect, I'd love to hear from you.