Greetings from the other side of baby #3!

Hi! How have you been? I hope you've had an easeful and enjoyable start to your spring. 


I felt resistance coming out of the winter hibernation, but it was a quick ramp up to embracing the Spring energy. Now I'm enjoying the long days, making plans for adventure, and feeling poetic love for all of the life that's creating and growing all around us.


Like nature, I'm reemerging as well. Emerging from an inward-focused winter centered on home and family, but also from an almost two-year postpartum cocoon. After every pregnancy and birth, I'm challenged to grow in new ways. Reemerging as a new person, with wings I'm learning to use. Life is beginning to feel easeful again. I wonder if you can relate?


I've got my camera in hand again. I'm so willing to be a witness to the love and togetherness in this beautiful community. I'm taking my time creating offerings that are aligned with my heart and values. For, if there's anything I've learned in the past two years, it's that there's enormous value (and energy) in full-bodied yes's and living with integrity. 


One of the ways I'm staying aligned with my inner compass is by focusing on my documentary-style photography. I believe there is timeless value in the fleeting, real moments of life. I want to capture beautiful truth like a poem, with my camera. 


I have two offerings right now, and I anticipate they'll evolve as we all do. Let me tell you about what's alive for me right now:


1: Stories from Home. A home-based family session that tells the story of love, belonging and connection in your family. For a couple hours, I follow you and your family around your home, whether that's inside your house, your yard, your neighborhood, or a special place that feels like home. I observe and document all of the subtleties that make your family you. My hope is for these sessions to show your kids they belonged and were loved very much. And my hope is for you to be reminded of the beautiful ways you showed up. 


2. Events (especially kid's birthdays): I'm in love with birthday parties. They consume my whole heart. They have everything that matters in life. Your village, and love. And a photographer gets to bottle up all of that love for you to receive after the dust settles from the celebration. They're also strategically a great time for family portraits, for yourselves, and for guests. 


I opened my calendar for online booking and availability is for 3 months out.

I would love to photograph for you.

You can see all session offerings on the booking page here.

With love and gratitude!


Thanks to Olya Trofymets for this beautiful portrait