Documentary Maternity Session | Richmond San Francisco

For this session we wanted to take a documentary approach to maternity, showcasing the unique bond between a family of three as they prepared to welcome a new addition in a few months.

We were still able to capture the beautiful mama belly without posing or staging - this element of the storyline was naturally weaved into their photographs. Some clearly show that mama is expecting, while others are more discrete - but the family will always know, and these images will bring them back to a special time of appreciation and anticipation.

The family had just moved into their new home, so it was extra special to be able to preserve these memories of their first days here. They baked delicious muffins together in the kitchen, read books to settle down, and played in their backyard with their sweet dog.

A couple of my favorite portraits were of mama and her little one connecting over a bouquet of flowers.

While dad was in the room reading books...

We snuck in a couple traditional maternity shots. <3

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