Family | Kelly, Adi, Leni and Noa | San Francisco

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We spent some time talking their living room before I got out the camera to document an adventurous diaper change. Noa was wiggling and trying to flip over, as well as creating an art project with the diaper stack. Totally iconic and classic baby style. I was giggling while photographing this, and loved how calm Kelly stayed through it all. Amazing.

One of Kelly and Adi's family traditions is baking biscuits together in the morning. Leni hops on her learning tower while Noa helps from down below.

Kelly and Adi's back yard is an amazing eucalyptus forest, with trails and playgrounds. It was a beautiful afternoon, so while the biscuits were baking everyone got outside for some fresh air and wiggles.

It was really cute seeing the sisters play together at the playground. Leni would go down the slide and land right next to Noa at the bottom, which made the adults a little nervous but made Noa LAUGH so much. Noa also enjoyed the rush of being sent down the slide herself.

This part of the session was really fun and adventurous to photograph. I had so many different angles and perspectives toward with, not to mention loads of smiles and laughter all around.

I spent the rest of the session walking around the grounds with Kelly and her family. Being parents of little ones, we often get to relax while outside and the kids run circles around us. This is a simple and refreshing way to spend time together that I feel is pretty iconic of parenthood at this time in life.

I used a 70-200mm lens for most of these shots so that I could hang out in the background while they enjoyed their time together.

We can't forget to document the tears and the comfort that parents give. So honest and full of love.

All of my sessions are special, but this one tugged at my heart strings a little more than usual. Kelly is a good friend of mine, and I've known her and her family for a couple of years now. Both of our kiddos are the same ages. They don't have many pictures of themselves. Kelly told about a tradition her mom had where she would get out the family photo albums to look through on her kids' birthdays. I imagine a day in the future where Kelly gets to look at these pictures with Leni and Noa, and it makes me smile. :-)

Another reason this session tugged at my heart strings is because of the questionnaire. As part of my sessions I offer a questionnaire for parents to fill out. The questions help you pause and reflect on this moment in time, helping to make the session more personal, more intimate, and to help it capture the things that define a particular moment in time that you want to remember. A couple of weeks before our shoot, Kelly got in touch to say that she finished the questionnaire and that it was meaningful for her, she got a lot out of the questionnaire itself. It just made me feel good going into this shoot knowing that she was really present and acknowledging this moment in her life, because with a busy life, and as parents of kiddos, we don't often get time to pause and reflect.

Thanks for reading!! Here are some of my favorite images that weren't included above. Until next time!