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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Gabi and I immediately hit it off when I learned that she and Reinhard are rock climbers. She was climbing trees during her session, and I would check in like "Are you good?" and then I'd remember that she is a rock climber and she tooootally had it.

Gabi was looking for a documentary style shoot that captured the closeness of her family and the excitement they're feeling as they prepare for the arrival of their baby girl. Gabi choose Fort Funston, a place they go frequently with their golden retriever Basti. I love when clients pick locations that are meaningful to them. Having meaningful environments in your photos is something your future self, and kiddos, will thank you for.

When session day came on a Saturday evening, I headed into a thick cloud of fog covering San Francisco. Visibility was pretty low, but oh my gosh - the colors. Fog sessions create these beautiful, soft color pallets. And then Gabi and her family showed up in pink and blues, and this next to the green succulents on the beach. Pure. Magic. My eyes immediately became camera eyes (a thing we say when we see things in pictures) and I was so excited.

Luckily, Gabi shared with me that she was totally into the idea of a foggy shoot, having seen lovely fog pictures before. It's always a roll of the dice with San Francisco weather, but I loved knowing she was ready to embrace either outcome.

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