Front Door Mini Session Tips!

Mini sessions at home, whether on your front steps or from your favorite window, are a way to document real life in the ultimate comfort.

No need to get fancy and drive anywhere, stay in your slippers and favorite t-shirt, and remember your home, and family, in the place where you make most of your memories.

Some of my favorite pictures ever are from when my photographer friend Didi visited our new home, just days after we moved in. Boxes everywhere, our house was totally not put together, but looking back I'm so grateful we have that busy, fleeting time documented. In those pictures, I look like how I looked when I greeted a friend. And I appreciate that side of me being captured.

So, feel free to be your most real self. For attire, definitely feel good and if you want to elevate a casual outfit, a statement pair of earrings or a cute hat are perfect!

Before our session, think about what types of photos you love. Is it important to prioritize a photo where everyone is looking at the camera? Or do you want to capture emotions and connections? There's no right or wrong answer, but this will help you and your crew (and me) be on the same page when we start photographing.

Variety increases the long term value of your photos. So, if we can try 2-3 different shots (through a window and at the front door, for example), your gallery will tell a bigger story and preserve more details.

I give all of my full-session clients access to a Session Success Portal that has a couple informational PDFs and a Style Guide put together exclusively for Pitaya Photography by Vanessa Mari. If you'd like access to this, specifically for the Style Guide, contact me for the password.

Questions, thoughts!? Let me know. I'm excited to work with you.

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