Fresh 48 Newborn | Marin General Hospital | Henry & Family

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Henry Daniel Wells was welcomed into this world by his loving parents and his sweet brother Tony. I had the honor of preserving this special time less than two days after he was born. This was my very first Fresh 48 session and I can't imagine a warmer, more welcoming family to work with. Also, it was so hard to narrow down the images to show here. They were all so special.

When I got to the room Henry was having his vitals taken by the nurse. After checking his back, she left him in this sweet position.

After the nurse left the room, we all settled in and adjusted to the calm as Ibis and Alan bonded with Henry. It was a magical. Remember how time slows down in the days after a baby is born? I felt it in this moment.

Ibis and Alan were already pros doing diaper changes and keeping Henry relaxed. As second time parents, they knew exactly what to do. 100% naturals. I enjoyed this time just documenting the moment for them, the little details of the morning.

Big brother Tony arrived shortly after I did. He didn't seem concerned about the camera, and he was excited to see mom, dad and his new baby bother. Ibis and Alan were equally happy to see him. I loved snapping these smiles.

Tony arrived with his grandpa and grandpa. We took some time to take family pictures and a few shots with grandma, grandpa and Henry.

In the full room we snuck in a few portraits of mom, dad and Henry before it was time for me to leave. Here are a few of my favorites.

After Tony and his grandparents left, we took a few portraits of Henry before I took off. Here are a few of my favorite shots. It was hard not to post them all! Welcome to the world Henry. I'm excited to see you again for your newborn session. I know you've already grown so much!

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