How to Get Value out of Your Pictures

Nowadays pictures are a dime a dozen. We can take 1,000,000 with our cell phones at no cost. Selfies rule the world. Holiday mini sessions are amazing. Your best friend is a photographer. You actually have a ton of family photos don't you!? They're everywhere!

Swimming in digital pictures, we are living the dream. But pictures hold so much more value than the immediate experience of seeing and sharing them.

They hold the MOST value when you revisit them year over year over year.

Here's a common scenario, literally my life until recently.

"Here are some amazing photos of your family!"

"Oh, thanks so much. Wow, I love them. <3"

<walks to coffee shop>

<2 years later>

"Dang, where did I put those photos?"

<photos never to be seen again, sad>

Here's the thing. People who give you digital photos usually can't hold on to them for you forever.

They need to make space on their computer for other things, so they will hold on to them for a little bit and then assume it's safe to delete

But if you don't store that digital copy somewhere, your photo is lost forever..

Here are two habits that work for me to ensure I get the absolute most out of my photos.

1) I download them immediately and then upload them to Google Drive. IMMEDIATELY. Don't wait, don't add another thing to your todo list. Make a habit of doing this immediately so that you don't forget.

2) I print them. As soon as someone delivers photos to me, I order 4x6 prints. Of all of them. And then I stick them in an album. Read more on how to make a nourishing annual album here. If they don't all make it into the album that's ok. But I know my favorite ones will. And this print album isn't going anywhere.

These are simple habits, y'all. But they're so important. So vow to make a habit today.

Anytime anyone gives you photos of yourself or your family. Download them, upload them, and print them. And you'll live happily ever after.

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