Family + Infant Session at Lovers Lane 11am

I did maternity photos on the beach for this lovely family a few months before this session. We had originally planned on another beach experience for this session, but when we arrived we learned it was a rare "king tide" which means the water was so high we barely had space on the sand. We made a graceful pivot to Lovers Lane and turned it into a beautiful adventure.

Lover's Lane is a famous eucalyptus lined path in the middle of the Presidio. Luckily the family had brought their off-road stroller, so we were able to have a little adventure on and off the trails. This session took place at about 10am. So you'll see lots of light and a bit of shadows from the trees which makes for a rich, dynamic photograph.

The lane has lots of downed trees where are perfect for portraits and stopping to nurse. Also, in addition to eucalyptus trees, it has this cute little grove of short little pines..

We integrated a soccer ball during their maternity session, so it was super cute that this family brought baby's first soccer ball along for her first session :)

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