Infant In-Home Family Session | East Bay

I met this family during 2020 when we did photos for the arrival of their first baby. They had me back to help them celebrate the 8 month milestone, and their new home.

The family cared about capturing connection, laughter, moments.... all the good stuff they're loving about life right now. What a way to celebrate! We did so much, in all the rooms, outside, inside, and their kiddo was the happiest little person the whole time :-)

It was really special because both grandparents were there as well. So the little one is going to have lots of tender, love-filled moments captured in beautiful imagery to look back on. So so sweet.

We photographed starting at 9am for about 2.5 hours on a semi-overcast day. We had a general idea for the activities and moments we wanted to capture, and some spontaneous, from-the-heart moments were preserved as well. I can't wait to see them again soon <3

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