Maternity Home Snuggle Session in Marin County

This session served as an ode to the first moments of the day that are so unfiltered and everyday that they almost go unnoticed. But these windows are extra because they make up our everyday love. Snuggles in bed, slowly waking up together, sitting together in a rare moment of silence before the commotion rises. I know we'll want to remember these, yet they're so hard to capture ourselves. My heart is in this real unfiltered beauty, and I'd love to help you plan a session for just that. This is extra perfect towards the end of a pregnancy when nothing sounds better than comfort.

This session took place at the family's house at 7am on a Sunday in the springtime. I arrived before the kiddos were awake and anyone had started getting ready for the day, and we began photographing with the sun.

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