Parenthood Session | Noe Valley San Francisco | San Francisco Family Photography

It's 4th of July and Natasha was spending the last few days with her parents before they flew back to India after a long stay with the family over the summer. Most of us know how that feels, it's so hard to say goodbye to family especially when they're so far away. So, Natasha scheduled her Parenthood Session to remember the special bond her grandparents have with her kiddos, despite living far apart. She wanted to remember the silly, messy, real joys of parenthood. She wanted to preserve the things that made her family unique - which was music and dancing that connected them and brought them joy.

The session was so much fun. It was special to see Ariv warm up to the day, and the presence of the camera, while taking comfort in his dad's arms.

It didn't take long of course. Dad knew all of the tricks to get him smiling.

Anushka had lots to say as soon as I showed up, and it wasn't long until she was performing, singing songs & playing the piano, guitar and drums.

Ariv had a drum solo as well. So much fun, right?!

I was so happy to be able to document the connection between the grandparents and their grandkids.

Grandparents and grandkids might be one of my favorite session types. It reminds me of some photos I took with my kiddos + their grandparents in Wisconsin when I was back in April 2019. I'll link to that blog post when it's up :)

I love that we were able to capture some beautiful, genuine moments of connection between not only the grandparents, but also the kiddos and their parents.

And a few portraits of the kiddos (and their parents) doing what they love best. Making music, and playing with balls. :)

By the time I headed out, Ariv was ready for a nap. Luckily grandma was nearby to soothe him down to sleep <3