Parenthood Session | San Francisco Family Photography | Alana, Justin, Eve + Starbuck

This lovely family decided to have family pictures done at their home to remember their early days in their house, a place that has been in the family for decades and where little Eve was born.

We did the session around 4pm, in time for some play with Eve and their tradition of walking around the reservoir with their other baby (sweet dog) named Starbuck.

This is one of those sessions where we optimized for storytelling, genuine moments and authenticity. We wanted to tell the story of their life in their home in San Francisco so that Eve could have a picture of life in her early years.

We started the session playing with Eve and letting Starbuck get warmed up to me. Eve was in a happy, hilarious mood. She seemed interested in and amused by the camera, which made for some really sweet portraits.

Starbuck settled into my presence in no time and really warmed up to the camera.

We wanted to capture a mix of connections - Eve's individual connections with her parents, as well as their whole family. It was really fun doing this, and actually really natural. And I also wanted to capture the elements of their home that would bring them back to a sense of place.

It was fun finding different ways to get creative with composition and storytelling on the walk. I wanted to capture the iconic details of San Francisco in the background: the stacked craftsman and mission style homes, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, the ocean obscured by the typical summer fog...

And, this walk being Starbuck's special event, she couldn't help but steal the spotlight for a classy portrait.

Part of this job is working with various lighting and knowing how to operate the camera, and the other part is truly seeing a family for who they are, what is special to them, and understanding why the session is important. I felt like I got to know Alana and her family and really empathized with their desire to take documentary style family photos at home. I'm excited for the day they look back on these photos with Eve and she gets a clear idea of what life was like in her early days. <3

Documentary style parenthood sessions can take place anytime, whenever it feels right. Maybe one day it will just click - now is a special time, and I want to remember it. If you have this thought, reach out or book your session! I'd love to create special photographs for you to always look back on.

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