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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Some pictures stick with you. You see them once and can't unsee them. When you think back to a particular session, one or two images immediately come to mind. These are the first 10 that come to mind from the last year.

I will spend years getting to the "why" of why a moment or image speaks to me. In this post, I provide a little context for each picture along with my best attempt at why the image captured me.

This was one my last newborn sessions of 2019. My client and I took the last minutes of her session to burn through a roll of Kodak Tri-X film.

When I see this image, I see power, strength, and reality. I see beauty. I see a new mama stepping up to the plate and doing everything in her power to be everything to this new human. And, I still stumble on this, like... can't believe this... every woman steps into this role and totally owns it. Motherhood is powerful.

When I showed up for this session, the toddler was down for a nap and the grandparents were cooking in the kitchen. We took this moment to make space for mom and dad to connect in the quiet of the back room.

This gesture was completely unprompted. I stepped outside of their bedroom window, to get creative with perspective, and when I turned around I saw this. True love. From a bedroom window.

Baby had been napping on dad's chest, wrapped snuggly in a blanket, until the moment we lowered her into mama's arms for a portrait from above. She gave the biggest sleepy stretch I'd ever seen.

This image sticks with me because of how cute it is. Also, for it's technical significance. To capture this beautifully unpredictable stretch in a beautiful way, the stars needed to align. We were by a soft window light, the tones and colors on the bed and blanket were cohesive, and the gentleness of mom and dad brought the whole thing together. Because everything was perfect the way it was, I had to wait patiently with my eyes open and be ready to capture this moment, and I'm so happy I was.

This shot was from the same session as the image above. I can hear the mother's "shhhhh" and I can feel the baby relaxing to her voice. And soothing a newborn is so universal, this picture gets to the essence of motherhood.

I photographed close friends of mine who had just become parents and was blown away by how naturally it all seemed to come to them.

Dad was openings the windows in the bathroom while holding his baby. I asked him to pause, and naturally, he went back to connecting with his baby. The closeness of the two in this image, the tenderness of the baby and protectiveness of the dad, just gets me.

This photo was from the same session as the previous image.

I was photographing the little one sleeping on her dad's shoulders. When suddenly, she lifted her head up so high. I happened to be ready to click. I love this photo because of the strength it shows.

This first time mama hired me for maternity photos, so I had the chance to get to know her before her newborn session.

Childbirth was intense, and mama was recovering during our session. And this moment - this chair, this sunlight, this closeness... Every detail reminds me of just how intense and precious giving life is. It captures the love and closeness between mama and her baby.

There was a magical moment during this newborn session when the baby was wide awake and alert, and oh so happy. We found the perfect spot of light in the nursery and took portraits of her in her parents arms.

This is one of my faves because I know how much personality is there in this look. I am excited for her parents to look back on this and feel that it captured her personality even at just a few days old.

This session was for a lovely pair of first time parents, I photographed their little one at about 1 month post partum.

We did somewhat of a documentary style session, and this moment gets me because of the love that is so evident. The look on dad's face as he looks at his family, it's genuine and deep. And I think this is an honest and beautiful family portrait.

While Uncle was holding baby, I noticed how her tiny, flexible feet tried to push up on his torso.

This was an instance where the lighting and texture really added to the quality of the photo. We usually can't predict or control the behavior of a newborn, so when all the stars align and something truly special happens under the right conditions, it produces a photograph that makes a strong impression. This one sticks with me for sure!

Bonus picture! Who made these rules anyway!? Here's picture #11. I just can't get over how mama's hand cradles the little one.

I'm looking forward to more real beauty in 2020

Thanks for your support and for following along. The newborn days are unparalleled, they're intense, raw, and rare. This type of photography is so fulfilling and I'm grateful for the chance to do it. Hugs, and here is to more magic in 2020.

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