San Francisco Newborn Photography | Branca, David + Ella

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

This newborn session was so special because this was Branca and David's first baby, and they were commemorating Ella's tininess (she had just turned 1 month) as well as their time together on maternity/paternity leave. Kuddos to these two for nailing this parenting thing and setting time aside to have photos done, I'm truly impressed! :-)

When I arrived, Ella was just waking up from her nap. Branca was ready to feed her, so we started in their bedroom, getting comfy in the beloved glider chair: a postpartum family's best friend.

We captured a lot of special moments in this chair: individual portraits, sweet family stories, and details like these cute chubby legs. Ella was hilariously sleepy, so Branca and David snuggled her while we took photos that were really natural and tender.

We documented bath time which was so fun to photograph! Ella seemed to love the sensation of the water on her belly, as well as being wrapped up in a towel with mom + dad afterwards. David and Branca lent me their ladder so I could get shots from up above.

I love that we captured these iconic and universal acts of love. My partner Connor and I have a picture of us working together to change Verne's diaper. When I look back, I think wow... we were just babies ourselves! It's a picture I'm so grateful to have. I can't help but to put myself in my client's shoes. I am excited for Branca and David to look back on these photos years from now and to remember how intimate of a time it was.

David and Branca had a few activities in mind that they wanted to remember, and I thought it was cool that they took the time to get it all in the session. Some of these activities were skin-to-skin and playtime.

The lighting and color in the nursery were a dream. The warmth of their skin against the cool backdrop really turned out lovely. Before playtime, Branca and David soothed Ella. The photos capture this sweet teamwork and patience in helping Ella become comfortable. And the playfulness and silliness of playtime was the best. I love how we preserved two different stories in this same beautiful room.

And here's playtime! So fun, I loved shooting around the play gym and was totally feeling the fun and joy.

In-between all of the different activities, I focused on capturing authentic storytelling. Photos show the love that this family has for each other, the time they've spent lulling Ella to sleep, and the fun traditions they already have (like a cute little stuffed animal looking over baby Ella).

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