Sunset Session | Cara + Em | Bay Area Family Photography

This session was dear to my heart. I joined Cara for a documentary style session in her and Em's favorite spot, giving Cara a rare chance to be in the frame with her daughter, preserving honest moments that are close to her heart.

Cara wanted genuine, authentic shots. We had taken a few posed ones in the past, and she knew the ones she loved were the ones that felt real. So, we went 100% documentary style here - meaning, I joined them on a little adventure and let them completely forget about the camera.

Cara has already put some of her favorite photos up on the wall, and says that she appreciates them each time she goes through them - noticing subtle details that tug at her heart string.

There were so many really sweet an intimate moments. What I feel great about is that this was a special, enjoyable experience for the both of them. Something that Cara is always experiencing with Em, but rarely seeing from an outside perspective.

It was really fun to photograph through the tall grasses which added some interesting elements and depth to these portraits. And, Em kept me on my toes with all of her running and jumping - she was FAST and full of tons of fun energy! I was using camera settings that you might use at a sporting game - AI focus which tracks a moving subject, and burst mode which takes a few pictures in quick succession. :)

These sessions make me want to fill my evenings with mama and me sunset sessions. Pure. Bliss. If it's time for you to get in the frame with your kiddo, or perhaps spend a little one on one time and commemorate your relationship with one of your kiddos, drop me a line at There are lots of long summer nights left, let's do this!

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