Sunset Session | Redwood City Family Photography

Annie heard about me from one of my dear clients down the peninsula in Palo Alto. I was ecstatic to hear that she wanted to do a sunset session down near Cupertino, and that we were going to explore a new location together.

Her photo shoot was so playful, so adorable, and so much fun. We met at the entrance of the park and I loved the leading lines that the fence added to the photo. Annie and her family were having a blast playing with bubbles and marveling at the scenery - we could have easily stayed in this spot for so long!

But... we had a destination in mind. We wanted to be at the top of the hill for sunset. We took the east side trail up to the top of a bluff near Redwood City. This gave us some nice shade until the sun was a little lower on the horizon.

We waved at airplanes...

And, once we got to the top, I was melting. There was a single oak tree at the top of the tree, which we settled into for a little picnic. Annie shared amazing, crisp grapes with me, which I appreciated so much. She also got her polaroid camera out and captured a sweet portrait of her daughter and me. Fast forward to the end of the session, Annie sends me home with a huge bag of fresh fruit. The love in this family is truly heartwarming.

Once the sun about to set, and bellies were full, we went a few yards to the open field for some fun in the sun.

The lighting that happens just after the sun sets is called "blue hour". It's a cool light, calm, soft - and it tends to match the mood at the end of the session. It's during that time that I like to help my clients to relax, often by suggesting a place to sit and snuggle, letting them connect and unwind in the most beautiful lighting ever.

A few other favorites of mine:

Sunset sessions are on sale through August 2019. Email or schedule yours online. Sessions take place at an outdoor location, are 1.5 hours and start about 1.5 hours before sunset. I travel!

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