The 3 Main Types of Maternity Photography

You're expecting, and this is one of those few times in life your body transforms into a beautiful creator of life. Maternity photography honors this transformation by capturing the beauty and anticipation this phase of life holds.

The 3 main types of maternity photography are fine art, lifestyle and documentary. Below you'll find a brief overview of each. Pitaya Photography offers all three styles.


Fine Art Maternity Sessions aim to make photographs that convey an idea, expression or emotion about pregnancy, usually a collaboration between the photographer or the subject. It usually has a preconceived vision and tends to be considered "artistic" in nature.


Lifestyle Maternity Photography aims to portray everyday ideas and activities in optimal lighting and composition, During a lifestyle maternity session, the client can expect to receive direction from the photographer about positioning or movement, but nothing overly stiff or unnatural.


Documentary Maternity Photography is photography that is completely un-staged. The photographer will be like a fly on the wall with the goal of creating space for the ultimate true and genuine moments to shine. The photographer will change her position throughout the session, but will rarely ask you to move or change your behavior. This means that the overall feel of the photos might be more "true to life" than classic portrait lighting.

There You Have It!

The three main styles of Maternity Photography, as shown through the lens of Pitaya Photography.

It's common for multiple styles to be incorporated into a session. Pitaya Photography will usually prioritize one style based on the client's preference, but other styles will be weaved into the session as the opportunity arises.

If you're considering celebrating this life-changing transformation, drop me a line! I'd love to create beautiful heirloom photographs for you to enjoy now and for generations to come.

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