Womanhood Film Session | San Francisco

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

"Being seen through the lens of another mama is powerful and it was just what I needed at this time of transition."⁠ ⁠

Female empowerment. If you ask me why I do what I do this has a lot to do with it.

When you become a mama, focus and priority can quickly shift, and life becomes about the now-most-important-person in our life. It’s not easy, especially in the beginning, to put the spotlight back on ourselves. I myself am just starting to do that, to rediscover myself outside of kids, after having two babies. And it feels amazing.

This session for @persianacota was all about that. We took a walk through the woods, put the spotlight on her, became friends and created some pieces of art for her walls.

I always think about how special it is for a family to see themselves through the the eyes of a third party.

But Persiana reminded me of the value of doing the same for ourselves, and for honoring ourselves... just us... and loving and embracing that, wherever it is at this moment in life. ⠀

Now is the best time to take time for yourself, to celebrate your journey. Fill out the Inquiry Form to start planning your custom session.

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