Downtown San Anselmo Campus Mini Sessions

There are so many reasons to visit downtown San Anselmo in Marin County. This summer, it's Live on the Ave which is a multi-block party featuring amazing bands, DJs, kids activities and games, and some of the most delicious drinks and food. I feel really lucky to live only a mile from downtown, but even if I didn't, I'd head to San Anselmo on Friday and Saturday evenings for this event.

I see so many wonderful families at this event. Parents with teenagers, and parents with newborns... even parents with babies in their bellies! I can't help but desire for there to be an easy way for them to all get some gorgeous updated photos of themselves.

This wish gave birth to the Downtown San Anselmo Campus Mini Sessions. Located just blocks from downtown, and in a gorgeous soft sunlight location, this spot offers the perfect setting for convenient and beautiful family photos.

Here are some photos from minis over the past couple of weeks. You can check the offerings page to see if/when these minis will be offered. I think you'll love them!

xx Cass