Family Sessions

Your beautiful family is unique, perfect exactly as it is, and it absolutely deserves to be celebrated! Family photo sessions with Pitaya Photography feel easy and genuine, and can take place at home or on-location in both full and mini session varieties.

Sessions can be booked anytime, the most important aspect being - it feels like a full body yes for you! I trust your timing. When it feels in alignment on the inside, let's celebrate you and your family, together.

Documentary family sessions feel natural and easy

To prepare, simply direct love and kindness to your family!

The most important thing for a documentary family session is that you're willing to put your awareness and loving-kindness towards yourself and the people you love. Everything else will follow exactly as it needs to.

It can feel big to say 'yes' to that inner voice saying it's worth it. You may feel anxious with the idea of getting everything ready, or the timing, in alignment with a level of arbitrary perfection.

What I capture is on the inside. It's love, connection and belonging. And it's already there


Capture This Precious Time

Save your date up to 3 months in advance

If you're here, I'm guessing you are appreciating your family and feeling nostalgic for these days already. Your memories, your beautiful family, are so precious and worthwhile. I'd love to hold space for you to be seen, held and loved through the lens of my heart.

Celebrate Your People