Birthday Party Photography

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“Joy, movement, silliness, community, and cheer. Cassy beautifully captured the essence of my 7-year-old’s birthday party. It was so nice to be present, knowing that Cassy was documenting the day. If you have a special moment like a kids birthday coming up, I highly recommend you hire Cassy to document it. I’m so grateful to have these photos to remember the joy of this day.”

Birthday party photography is the best kept secret.

Birthday parties are such a good time to hire a photographer. They have all the best things in life: your people, love & connection, and joyfulness.

Be in the moment and remember it.

While you're staying attuned to your family and guests, your photographer stays attuned to capturing the expressions of love and celebration that are happening all around. The GOLD in life.

Icing on the cake? You get those updated family portraits with genuine joyfulness.

A photographer at the party gives you and your guests a chance to get those updated family images, both candid and lifestyle. It's a way to give back to your people, and to yourself. Win win.


Didi ~ Home Birthday Party

“I was so so stunned by the pictures. She was capturing the birthday it in a magical and incredible creative way. So many interesting angles, feelings and emotions that she was able to see (and that’s the whole point) capture for us; forever to keep.

Cassy is also such a beautiful and warm person to be around.
I admire all her work and can highly recommend her!”

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Why me?

Why hire Pitaya Photography for your birthday celebration?

I just love birthday party photography. I don't know why... I think it's because I am obsessed by how important our people are to us. And Birthday Parties bring together so many important people.

Most people ignore the camera, so there's so much connection and stories to capture.

I love having birthday party photography for myself, my kids. I know what it's like to be on the other side especially for this kind of work.

I can juggle.

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