I'd love to help you decide if I'm your photographer!

Choosing a photographer can be hard. It's important that you like me, and that our hearts and visions are aligned so that my eye creates photographs that meet your needs and wishes.


You want the moment

  • You understand the timeless value of connection, belonging and love.
  • You want emotive images that tell a story.
  • You love the little everyday moments like a simple holding of the hand or a shared smile.

I'm always after the moments of connection. I've spent countless hours with my own family's photos and really feel the images of genuine connection, ideally captured in an effective way, are the most valuable.


  • You desire a relaxed and easy session where you don't have to stress about how to be
  • You want your kids to enjoy the session, and as a result, to show up authentically in the photos
  • You want a photographer who puts you at ease

I'm open minded and accepting, and I believe you're perfect just as you are in any given moment. I'd be thrilled if you didn't even get ready for your session, as though our path's crossed at a moment you least expected it, so that your photos really feel like you.

You embrace the imperfections to see the beauty

  • You are not too bothered by a grass stain on your little one's pants, a pile of things on the kitchen counter, or a double chin laugh out loud smile.
  • You cherish a tear as much as a laugh.

There's this concept of wabi-sabi that is relevant in my life and art. I really believe that everything is perfect exactly as it is, even in the imperfections. I probably won't notice the tag sticking out or the hairband you have on your wrist. In fact, I enjoy these details. To my eye and heart, they tell a story.


  • You understand a session may feel vulnerable, opening up your world, but you trust me to tread lightly and with love.
  • You're willing to stay true to yourself, connected to your people, and to trust the way your session might organically evolve.

I understand it might feel scary to have a session at home, or to welcome someone to your event, because it adds a layer of unpredictability and vulnerability. You can trust that I'll show up gently and with a tender heart, and that you will be able to be true to yourself and present with your family in my presence.


I am an all-the-feels, perfect as your are, light-handed photographer.

I promise to find beauty in the everyday, to capture your love, and to be gentle and honor your family's way of being. I have a light touch, meaning if I offer guidance and positioning it will be delicately and likely infrequently depending on the ages/phases of your little ones. My heart is attuned to the moments, and everything else, perfect or imperfect, tells the story of that moment.

You love your family and people very much, and you believe your family deserves to be seen and celebrated at any moment in time. You want to capture your love and time together with tender, honest photographs that have a delicate, beautiful touch.