Maternity Sessions

Maternity sessions with Pitaya Photography are artful depictions of a transformation into motherhood. They center on the form captured in environments that depict the strength, rawness, beauty and naturalness of pregnancy. Or environments that tell the story of home and transformation for the expecting family.

Sessions typically take place between 34-36 weeks, however I believe any stage of pregnancy is precious and completely worthy of being celebrated and commemorated with photographs. It's your story, let's tell it as you wish.

Outdoor Maternity Sessions

In so many ways, pregnancy mirrors natural environments. The power of an ocean perfectly encapsulates the power of an expecting mama. A redwood grove somehow speaks to the collective wisdom of generations of births.

If you choose an outdoor session, we will go play together in one of the Bay Areas beautiful natural locations. You'll get to feel grounded with your feet on the earth, and soothed with the breeze on your belly. We often start a couple hours before sunset and photograph through sunset. I offer prompts for movement and connection, and I also make sure we have slow moments to savor the experience.

In-Home Maternity Sessions

An in home session can be seen as an act of self-compassion. Keep your slippers on. Stay in the robe. Let me come to you, and we'll celebrate your pregnancy in your happy, comfortable home. Your photos will remind you of how your home felt during this exciting transformation, capturing the energy of the nest, the anticipation of bringing new life into your home.

Schedule these sessions at the beginning or end of the day when light enters your home so that we have lots of descriptive light to play with. You may choose 34-36 weeks for maximum bump to mobility ratio, however for a home session it can literally be the day before you give birth since you'll be relaxed and in space close to home.

Save your date up to 3 months in advance


What you're doing - it's a big deal.

It probably doesn't feel like it now, but in time you'll forget just how it felt to have this incredible, powerful, creation of life happing in your body. I don't care if you book me, or hire someone on Shoot, or set up a phone with timer in your living room, you absolutely must let this moment shine, and honor yourself in this phase of your life. Sending you so much love, you beautiful, remarkable being. xx