A playful, theatrical, flower-filled morning at the enchanted-garden home in Oakland, CA

Margs, Jusef and Emilio invited me over for a Stories from Home session at their beautiful home in Oakland. When we first worked together, we all lived in SF. It's been truly an honor watching Jusef and Margarita blossom as parents, creating a home that's so filled with love and laughter.

When we work together, they usually schedule for a time with family in town which I think is such a great idea. They're able to have these photos not only as anchors to their past as a family of 3, but as anchors to time spent with their loved ones. The grandparents always get in photographs with Emilio, which I know Emilio will cherish when he's older. His grandparents clearly adore him fully.

Before our session, Margs shared some details and ideas she loves about this time, and we held space for those moments to unfold during the session. We didn't specifically plan for family musical, or building spaceships with foam blocks, or capturing dress up for a costume party - but these true moments unfolded naturally and are very much an authentic and meaningful representation of this time in their lives. I really love going in with a heart that's open to the unexpected. It usually turns out really beautifully.